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Mahalo for subscribing to The Car Parlor Membership Wash Program. Please download "The Car Parlor" App. to manage your account. You will be enrolled in The Car Parlor’s (“TCP”) monthly membership program. Your credit card will be billed every month on the enrollment date. If you cancel the month-to-month membership program, you must notify TCP five days prior to the billing date, or you will be charged for that month. Members enrolling from the 29th to the 31st of the month will be charged every 28th of the month. The membership is per vehicle. You must enroll each vehicle you plan on using. If you are caught using multiple vehicles without notifying TCP you will be charged for the washes that we're not used on the primary car, and your membership will be terminated. The membership is transferable to a new vehicle twice a year, free of charge, after that there is a $15 transfer fee. TCP can terminate the program at any time. 1)Members are limited to 1 wash per day. 2)License Plates are required to be mounted on the front bumper and must not be obstructed with any dark colored tinted covers. 3)Commercial vehicles are prohibited. 4)No Refunds will be issued if the member does not use the services during the timeframe of the membership plan. 5)RFID tags must be always mounted on the vehicle’s front windshield and not to be removed. 6)Replacement Fee of $15 for any RFID tags Damage, Lost or Stolen. 7)Respect all TCP Staff, Customers and Guest. *Membership will be terminated, and no refunds will be issued 30 days from the enrollment day or if any Terms and Conditions are violated. *The Car Parlor has the right to refuse any services. * By signing up you have agreed to all the Terms & Conditions.

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