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(Add-On) Water Spot Removal Package 1st Quantum Annual Reapplication 2nd Quantum Annual Reapplication
3rd Quantum Annual Reapplication 4th Quantum Annual Reapplication Cargo Ship Ready (PCS Military)
Express Detail Pkg Hydrophobic Sealant Protection Package Quantum Warranty
Ultimate Detail Pkg

Note: *QUANTUM ANNUAL REAPPLICATIONS - Annual Reapplications are ONLY reapplying the product to the EXTERIOR PAINTED surfaces - Reapplication will be done regardless of paints condition - Absolutely NO interior detailing will be done - Any Claims should be FILED and Approved with the warrantor for any interior/exterior imperfections prior to booking date - Work NOT approved by the warrantor for imperfections will directly be charged to the contract holder - Contract Holder should have Quantum Contract readily available at the time of drop off - Autoplex Car Wash will complete any approved work and reapply product to exterior painted surfaces **All vehicles booked without a visual inspection of an Autoplex Car Wash Associate are an ESTIMATION. Price and Time to complete the vehicle WILL BE CONFIRMED with an Autoplex Car Wash associate at the time of drop-off. ***CARGO SHIP READY PACKAGE (PCS Military) - This is not an ACTUAL Detail, but a general clean up of the surface areas on the vehicle to HELP with the vehicles approval on to the ship. We do NOT guarantee vehicle will be accepted as its at the discretion of the shipping company. Please give sufficient time to complete service and not hours of having to bring vehicle to shipping port. ****PLEASE REMOVE ALL PERSONAL BELONGINGS PRIOR TO DROP OFF.